Insurance Information

Private Insurers
It is necessary for you to check with your HMO and/or PPO for any special requirements. If you have an HMO and/or PPO that requires a referral from your primary care physician (PCP), we ask that you call your PCP to verify that one has been done. If possible, we ask that you bring a copy of the referral to your appointment. If we do not have this information when you register in our office, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment until a referral has been completed. We cannot wait until you are here for your appointment to verify that a referral has been performed.

Please be advised our office DOES accept the new Geisinger Health from EMMC and we are in network.

We are participating physicians with Medicare and accept assignment. We will bill your secondary insurance when needed.

We are not accepting new Mainecare patients at our office at this time.

Worker’s Compensation

If your services are to be billed to The Bureau of Workers Compensation, you must provide us with:

• The Appropriate Active Claim Number
• Allowed Condition & Code
• Date of Injury
• Worker’s Comp Insurance: Adjuster Name, Phone Number, & Mailing Address
• Name of the Employer Where the Claim Occurred

If you have a self-insured claim, we will also need this information. If we do not have this information, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment until this information has been received.